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Readypower EVOs at Camden

Can anyone help with the ID of the two Readypower EVO baskets at Camden please? I tried to get a pic from a passing train, but typically, on both all I can read is 'FR140', before fence got in the way, couldn't have timed it any worse!


Dan, today only FR1408 was present. However I suspect the second is likely to have been FR1400 (now at Westbourne Park) as all the others appear to be firmly rooted in the North aside from this pair but cannot confirm this.

Many thanks Nick. One is definitely better than none at all!

Whilst seeing if I could find pics anywhere of FR1400, I came across a photo of it in March. Comparing that photo with mine, the little scrapes and marks on the basket match perfectly, so I'm happy that my second one is indeed FR1400.

Thanks again.

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