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Readypower Genie accessrailers at Sheffield..

There are a couple of these (I've seen one there before FR1337) just south of the station, past the washery on that same side of the track, anyone know which ones they are please? Cheers




FR1344 and FR1345 were recorded at Heeley Loop on Saturday, which is in the area you have described.



Cheers Nick! Is that the name of the place just south of Sheffield station then? There is road access sloping down from a big main road...

Saw them the other week at Edge Hill! Ha typical...Good to know which ones they were though thanks!

If they are on the same side as the wash line and just behind the B+Q then that is Charlotte Road AP. Heeled Loop is on the south bound side about a mile further on.

Nice one cheers for that Jarrod!

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