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RM48 grinder?

I'm getting round to marking up some sightings [and recoding on the site if I haven't done this already] and I have written in my book on 21st June from the Wandering Javelin railtour "RM48 grinder" just after I wrote URS001 and 97011/12/13 at Singlewell on HS1. What did I see, please? Andrew

Hi Andrew, type 97012 in the search box and have a look at the thread :-)

It seems several of us noted it, but none of us noted more than the type, which I believe is actually RR48. If one of us had noted the M number next to it, we'd have known which machine we saw - or at least I believe that's not part of the type! I've seen reference up to RR48 M-7, so could have our work cut out here.

I've been in touch with Speno, who have been kind enough to tell me that our grinder was RR48 M-2, and has the RIV number 99 87 9127 510-5

Excellent! Hope there's now enough info for this one to be included now Vince and Ben?

Now added, thanks guys.

I recorded the machine as RR48 M2 back in 2008, thanks for the bingo number.

thanks for the clarification, guys. This list / forum comes up trumps again :-)


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