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Road Rail Cranes

I passed Maidenhead NR depot yesterday on HST at about 100mph and saw one of their large r/r cranes stabled there.

Does anybody know which one of the 3 it was?


Ted Knotwell

If it's still there tomorrow I'll let you know Ted

THere has been 2 in the yard ay Langely recently (Wednesday) unable to ID them.

The two at Langley last week were 919082 & 919086 although by Friday I think both had gone and one appeared at Maidenhead. It was not there this morning although 919082 was back at Langley.

On passing this evening there is another in the lower yard at Langley but could only see jib.

Yesterday 19/05/2015 - 919086 was in the yard at Langley fully visible from the platform. Another unidentified one was there with jib extended standing in between the station and the TXM plant yard. Is this 919082 I wonder?


Ted Knotwell

Almost certainly yes but I haven't seen the third one for a while. I did notice it was the new one up there this morning.

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