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After the recent discussions about Nuneaton Weddington Terrace, for interest, there are 10 4-4s (I think!) parked here too. North of the station, East side of the line. One group of 4 and another of 6. Easily seen from passing trains but identification will require inspection on foot (with permission to be on the railway).

If you go the local council recycling centre on Hunters Lane, there is a access road on the right that take you up and along the fence where there are stood.

Hi Andrew,

Was able to get the 4 nearest the station from the car park entrance about a month ago.

Couldn't get the other 6 as the road drops down too low.

A couple of the trailers were on top of containers.


Hi guys

thanks for the feedback. That might be my next stopping-off point on a return from London...


Hi Andrew,

There's also several at Northampton Bridge St NR depot. You'd need permission here, but it's walkable from the station - just about. There were 9 there when I viewed it.



Easily walkable from the station. Most, if not all things there can be IDed from the fence behind. Never anyone around to ask whenever I've tried at the front entrance..

Yes I've always managed quite well at Northampton from the rear track that runs parallel to depot.

I was also at Rugby yesterday and managed to ID 3 of the 4 trolleys in the group nearer to the station but as Chris says the other 6 are parked awkwardly for identifying from the access road. Two of the trailers 011526 and 011529 were nearby on top of a container.

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