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Scrap Trailers at Eastbourne

A view of Eastbourne Network Rail Depot this afternoon produced a surprise. In a compound containing scrap materials, at the far end of the depot are the bodies of two, possibly three, scrap trailers. The one nearest the line was identified as Geismar's prototype Mini 4/4 BT trailer 011479. A second Mini 4/4 trailer which carried no visible number is also present, but possibly uniquely this has a low height metal mesh body. Parked behind 011479 is a frame minus base which looked like it may be the remains of an EGO-4 trailer. All have been stripped of wheels as far as I could see.

These were clearly visible from the Multi-Storey car park in Junction Road. There will be a view of these from trains providing there is nothing stabled in the siding alongside the compound (which today contained 3 x 377's). I am not sure how long these have been here as when I was in Eastbourne in February 2015, the car park was closed and hence I didn't have the view available.

Does anyone know the identities of the others? When we went around Geismar in 2012, there were various unnumbered prototype trailers in various stages of construction and I suspect the other Mini 4/4 could well be another of these but can anyone confirm?

Thanks in anticipation.

All three of the above trailers still present in exactly the same position today.

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