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Hi! Can some kind soul advise concerning the above location please? After passing today at a great rate of knots and noting very little but seeing everything on-site would it be reasonable to assume that OTP recently reported there would still be there? I had the phone camera running so can probably pull some bits together but I would appreciate the advice of the guys in the know. Thanks in advance for any help Regards Graeme

Generally, DR73916 (SBRail livery) is present, and often not all of the DR9701x machines are outside, usually one is inside, unless you get lucky and can count all four of them (as well as the rather different-looking DR97001), but they do have large-enough numbers so you might be able to work out which ones you saw. DX53COH is usually parked at the back of the site near the fence, doesn't seem to move much. I note one of the large rail grinders was present recently, these tend to stay for a couple of weeks maximum whilst working on the HS1 lines. You should be able to pick out most of the vehicles there from your video.

RR48M2 is the current Grinder at Singlewell

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