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Snow / Ice clearing wagons at Tonbridge.

Hi, Can anyone help me please with the numbers for the snow and ice clearing wagons that were in Tonbridge Yard at midday on Sat 25 Jan 2014. Also, there was a Network Rail yellow coach. Any help will be much appreciated.

snowplough wagons 70.9592.002/3/1/4/5/6

de-icer wagons 70.9594.010/12/005/001/003/0xx/0xx/0xx

Yellow coach 68504

These were seen on the previous Saturday


Hi Paul, Many thanks for the coach and wagon numbers. Much appreciated. Do these wagons move about much, or are they stabled here ? I know some more are stabled at Eastleigh. The only one I managed to get with my zoom camera was 99 70 9594 005-9 Thanks again.

The 70.9594's were all in one line and the 70.9592's were all split up (2 were behind a couple of MRA's so unable to I/d) There never seem to move very much - think a load to them went up to Chaddesden Yd for awhile then came back. Also think when there were first converted they made a few outings out from Tonbridge but nothing major. Be interesting to see what happens when there get snow on the Southern - will there be used in anger???

Hi Paul, Many thanks for the reply, as you say, the 70 9594's were all in one line. We saw them quite easily, but the others were scattered about so no luck with them. If I see any of them anywhere on the system, I'll let you know and post my sightings. Thanks again, Best Regards, Nigel (Mokie).

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