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Snowploughs at Tonbridge

The remote control snowploughs at Tonbridge all have an 'R C ' number. Does anyone have a list of which refers to each wagon please.


Had a view today. 009 was definitely RC 09.

Do the others match up also?

Looked at the photo of 021 on this site, and I can't quite make it out, but I don't think it does?

I may have rather hastily added my sightings if they don't match!


Certainly, as of last year, there were some that didn't match up.

Ones I've seen recently that do match up are; 002, 012, 010, 007. When seen in February last year, 020 was carrying module 18.

Others I can read from my photos (don't want to say for certain as a lot can change in over a year and a half)

006- module 06 - February 2017

008 - module 08 - February 2017

016 - fairly certain not carrying 16 in September 2016

017 - module 20 - September 2016

019 - not 100% sure carrying module 19 in September 2016.

004 - module 04 - March 2015

011 - module 11 - March 2015

013 - module 15 - March 2015 (A photo online from March confirms this is still the case)

015 - module 14 - March 2015

021 - module 13 - March 2015

Photo online from March shows 001 carrying module 01.

Photo from January 2015 shows 003 carrying module 03

Photo from January 2015 shows 009 carrying module 09

As far as I know, all of the earlier conversions have the correct module numbers, those completed circa March 2015 seem to have differing ones, but whether these have now been corrected to match the wagon, I don't know.

Hope this helps a bit, but it's still definitely wise not to claim from the module numbers.

Thanks for the reply Dan.

I hadn't previously considered that the modules might be interchangeable (even if this rarely occurs in practice).

Looks like I'll have to check my photos and probably do some sighting deletions.



I think they can be swapped between wagons, but I'm fairly certain it's never happened.

Thanks again Dan.

My photos from yesterday were no help, to much heat haze!!

My ones from last August only yielded 007, which you have already pointed out as carrying RC 07.

Perhaps this is something to keep an eye on, although I rarely get over to that neck of the woods.



A quick addition, as I noted the following in March this year.

Wagon 013 carries module 15

Wagon 018 carries module 17.


Noted today......

709594018-2 module 17

709594013-3 module 15

709594021-6 module 13

709594016-6 module 20

709594011-7 module 11


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