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South Wales Torrents

6 at Severn Tunnel, 912321 identified from passing train.

Quite a few MEWPs at East Usk Yard including at least 2 more Torrent.

Any help with the identities of machines at any location appreciated.

Six Torrent were noted at STJ on 18th Chris so these are likely but obviously can't 100% confirm...

Hi Ben

Managed to get everything bar 1 trailer at STJ (stopped off on way back). Think they are same six. Some interesting TXM bits there too.

Patchway there are two TXM MEWPs and 009xxx trailers but only got 1.

Noticed a slight RAP variation. At Bishton there was little or nothing in the compound. However there was a tonne of stuff the opposite side of the line, between the trees at the steelworks, around about the same place.

I was at Patchway yesterday and noted two TXM’s and two holyrails and I think three trailers. Not got them to hand but I will update once I post my sightings some time over the weekend.

You didn’t by any chance get the trailer at Pilning ?

Hi Jarrod

Sorry for delayed response, wanted to check through my photos.

Unfortunately the only item I can add to my previously posted sightings is Amco trailer 711014 at Severn Tunnel Junction.

Appears there were at least 5 Torrent Trackside branded Mewps at East Usk.



Hello Chris

Just updated my sightings at Patchway on Wednesday. Next to the gate at the carpark end we’re

TXM 7130 912265

TXM RT303 009131

TXM RT309 009137

Holyrail HR10 912199

Holyrail HR11 912216

Further down the yard near to the self storage containers was

TXM7106 912177

TRAC SV289 009218

I have been to Seven Tunnel today and yes you are correct about the AMCO trailer being there. I didn’t do Usk Yard but went to Newport station instead. I should have called at Usk Yard and Bishton as there was nothing around Newport Station.

Thanks for those Jarrod, looks like I have picked up a trailer :)

Stuff moves around so much down there it's quite a lottery.

Best wishes


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