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Spa Valley Rly additions 6/8/16

Seen today were the following (all ex Lavender Line?)

Lesmac Swifts 901012/LMS007 and 901020/LMS003

EG04 trailer 011199

Also there was what looked like a Geismar KGT r/r - any gen on this would be very grateful (def not the Lavender Line's PW130)


There are not many KGT's in the country, and if it was a KGT at the Spa Valley Railway, I

wonder if it was the example from Universal Services which has not been seen since 9/15.

Many thanks for the reply Roger - it looked bit cleaner than the photo taken in 9/15. It did have 2 plates on the front of it but typically I didn't taken my binoculars yesterday

I have seen some photos with this in the background and it's definitely a KGT. It appears it may have also been in workshop around February time! I would be surprised if it is the ex Universal machine as comparing photos the one at the SPA Valley has black rather than white road wheels, appears to be painted a darker shade of yellow and has white guard rails fitted on the offside front, although this may be a recent addition. I just wonder if this could be one of the ex Gamble machines which were unaccounted for? I will try and get up to TW sometime soon if no one beats me to it.

Was wondering if its Q923BCH/XEG7594 from the Bluebell Rly (this was last seen Sept 2015) - just a thought


Just downloaded a pic of it at Tunbridge Wells West from Sat 6/8/16

Here's Paul's photo...

  • Thumbnail un-i-d-geismar-kgt-1

Definitely not the Universal Services one - has different lights

Looks like the Bluebell machine to me.

Two different tyre treads just like the Bluebell machine.

Cheers Brian

I did wonder if it was one from the Bluebell


I confirmed today (having borrowed my Nephew to attend Thomas Day) that the Geismar KGT is indeed the ex Bluebell Machine. I was informed that since its purchase, it has undergone a very comprehensive overhaul and rebuild, to the extent that some 8,000 man hours have been spent on it - although this does seem a remarkably high figure even allowing for the machine having been out of use for 3-4 years.

Since Paul's photo, the machine has received "KGT 3000" decals on the sides and rear.

I was told that this machine recently lifted it's first section of rail. Although parked in the same place today, as in August, it was today fitted with an auger attachment and I was told that the railway are hoping to acquire a flail to enable embankment trimming to be performed by this machine.

Cheers Nick for the update - much appreciated


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