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Trailer at Midland Railway Swanwick Junction

Hi all,

Noted at Midland Railway Swanwick Junction a Trailer with no number as such just TW270,

Does anyone happen to know the ID please.



Doesn't ring any bell - don't suppose you took a photo?

No Vince I didn't have any camera with me, but I only live 2mins away so I will go and get a pic.

Hi Vince,

Senior moment i think but it was hammering it down at the time, the TW270 is i suspect part of the weight information had a better look round it and there are no ID numbers anywhere.

I,ve uploaded a photo but i doubt it,s of any use.

We think most likely 040010 Stephen... apparently the serial number should be stamped on a plate near one of the corners of the frame but quite difficult to see.

Could it be 040011 which was buried in the undergrowth?

I ruled that out as it seems to have a clear fleet number 61 on it, and a number 56? spray painted on the top? Admittedly that picture was taken in 2014 but unlikely it has had a repaint!

Good point Ben, thanks for all your help.



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