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Trailers at Cwmbran and Bristol Parkway Compound


I viewed these locations on Friday and have a couple of trailer identity queries people may be able to help with please?

Bristol Parkway Compound

I saw HR12, the trailer, and only got the fleet number. It was only when I went to add my sighting I realised there are 2 HR12s. Doh! If anyone else happens to see it...

Quattro Cwmbran

There were 2 trailers under maintenance in the workshop which I was unable to access or identify from outside. There was also a freshly painted trailer outside the workshop and to the right as you look from the main gate. I could partially read the plate, it was a Philmor trailer 2xxx. From recent sightings I notice I am missing Network Rail trailers 001 and 004. Could any of the recent visitors to this location assist with an identity please?

Fitzgeralds Cwmbran

There were 2 trailers freshly painted with no visible ID on top of 010418-0 outside in the corner nearest the Vets. They were about a foot shorter than 010418.

There was also a trailer inside and to the right of the workshop as you look from the main gate. I'd again be grateful for any assistance with identifying these please.



Luckily HR12 still at Bristol Parkway compound today, and slightly more viewable, so another mystery solved.

The answer was 009269.


I think this one had its fleet number amended by hand to HR016. However it was done with a marker pen so probably already faded!

Yes, it is still visible on one side at least. I did wonder if it was a "b" but 16 seems more likely.

Thanks for your help


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