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UID HOBC machine - 2001?

Digging through the attic, I found a photo I took of 47772 at Market Harborough on the 10th August 2001 with a track machine in tow. It's not unlike 92286, 76503, 92432 etc, but none of these were built back then. Unfortunately I can't make out the number, but does anyone have an idea what this machine could have been?


That would have been the prototype HOBC built in the 1990's. The HOBC was the Kershaw 76101. The support vehicles NFS ballast train 92223-92254 & 92259-92262 plus power wagon 92264 and the MFS spoil train 92241-92262 plus power wagon 92263.

The support vehicles are still in service with the MOBC's.


Could also have been 76323 or 324 which were built in 2000/1?...

Thanks for the help, think it will be one of 76323 or 4, I think it has a cab at either end, will try and work it out when I get round to scanning the picture in!

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