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Unidentified John Deere Gator Buggy at Elmec

Hi again, this seems to have all the staff at Elmec Solutions stumped as to what the number of this vehicle is! We tried very hard today to try to reveal the chassis number but to no avail.One staff member, from using this site, believes it could be 975016 from the Caledonian Railway, as this has a black underframe, and hasn't been seen since 2016.

The vehicle has arrived there recently from a previous owner in Yorkshire.Sadly, we know of no more history for the vehicle...Help needed please! Thankyou


As the trailer mentioned in the other post is from Marsh/Track Recovery Services, could the gator also be one of theirs? 975006 or 975039? Neither have been seen since 2017, despite regular visitors to the location.

"975039" was in all-over green livery in 2016, with no numbering...

  • Thumbnail marsh-trs-t113917-99709-975039-7-1

975039 looks like the correct one, the one in the workshop looks like it hasnít been used for some time and the poor paint job points towards its this one

Yes, the Gator at Elmec has the extended storage compartment with the side guard welded on to it, making it slightly wider than normal, which matches the vehicle in the picture.I have recently uploaded my picture to the site, so I'm sure Vince could compare the two pictures himself..

Pretty convinced then, the mystery unidentified Gator at Elmec Solutions is 975039..



Just to add, after speaking to Adey there earlier he said both the Gator and trailer 011225 are heading to Daventry IRFT and into the hands of Pearsons Engineering....so all seems to add up

Here is Greg's photo...

  • Thumbnail possibly975039-1

It looks like the correct one comparing the pictures

We'll go for that then! Cheers guys much obliged..



Was the rail gear on it when it arrived?

Yes the railgear was on when arrived but removed due to being seized and damaged

Agree the additional pieces along the sides do differentiate it from other Gators so would go along with this theory having seen it for myself today. In March I was also told one of the Marsh Gators was in the Derby area.

Thanks as usual to Elmec for their continued hospitality towards visitors.

Yes I second that Ben, they're brilliant there and always glad to oblige with visitors..

First class in every way and I hope no one abuses their good nature.

I'm told this is being re-certified for some work in the Derby area and loaned to Pearsons Engineering but is still owned by Track Recovery Services.

I was led to believe that Pearsonís have bought the gator and a trolley and that was being refurbed at elmec for Pearsonís to sell to daventry rail terminal for them to use

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