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Unimog near New Cross LOROL line


Tuesday 01/03/2016 I was travelling on the way back from Plumstead into London Bridge and in the LOROL yard on the right hand side between Deptford and london Bridge was a foreign registered Unimog road railer. I could only make out the last 2 numbers of the road reg from that distance as being 24.

Any help with this identification much appreciated.

Ted Knotwell

Hi Ted

I went by the location this morning and it is a "Schweerbau" U400 Rail Grinder Tractor Unit (not SHG AH302) - it did look like it had a German reg that ended in "24" (unfortunately I was sitting on the wrong side).

Hope this is of some help


In that case, could it be the other one:

SHG NA 214?

Only caught a quick glimpse but you may be right Vince

Today 18/03/2016 I passed the same place and there were 2 Quattro road/rail tracked vehicles and one road rail Gator all parked off track.

Any help with ID much appreciated

Ted Knotwell

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