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Unimogs at Crossrail Plumstead

Visited the site yesterday 16 February 2016 and 2 Unimogs present in the yard.

Unimog 1 is U400 215665 and carries plate EBA 01D15A009.

Unnumbered Unimog is U423 240772.

We were told that these 2 were the only Unimogs they have at present.

Also present was Alstom MPV in white 4wDHR Alstom 1710/01/2005 type E DRA-02 with SVI (Italy) logo. It had platform lift and crane attachments.

In the yard was power car for cement train with RIV 99879 380508-1, belonging to TSO.

One of the Jung diesel locos and 2 Clayton diesel locos were also present in the yard.

Ted Knotwell 17/02/2016

Thanks Ted for the details on these. Wonder which one I saw at Westbourne Park in December though...? I suspect the older one but I'm sure the one I saw carried a road registration plate. Did you get any photos? Perhaps '01276' can confirm which I saw! Thanks

Were you on the Industrial Loco societies tour of the yard? I had heard they were coming down but wasn't sure when.

It was the older unimog which visited Westbourne Park back in December though where is the plate and ID number for it, I must be going blind..!

The Alstom MPV is for the OLE team, it arrived on 26 January '16.

The power car for the concrete train is the tractorail which has been mentioned here before. It's awaiting parts at the moment.

If anyone is interested in seeing the concrete train it will be in the open section again next week. Best view of it will be from Silvertown footbridge on Monday, though binoculars might still be handy.

Thanks - I only got a brief glimpse so it is probably my mistake!


Yes it was an Industrial Railway Society visit.

Thanks for the additional information.

Ted Knotwell

No problem. A correction on the above though, the concrete train will be back in the open section on Thursday so the best view of it will be then.


If you look above the rhs front wheel the unimog works number is etched in the wheel arch.

The problem with identifying Unimogs is you have to be so close to them!!

Ted Knotwell

New unimog delivered yesterday to Plumstead with a hi-ab arm on the back. Haven't managed to get close enough (out of the office!) to have a look at it yet to see the ID

New page for "large" machines being used on Crossrail here:


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