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Welwyn Gdn City 313 recovery

When passing the site yesterday evening in the dark there was a "DB" 99709 91800x lorry "on track" in the yard oppo the station. Does anyone know what this was please??

Many thanks


It is a SRS truck inside is a welfare unit and storage for tools, it was used for train derailment although not used often, unsure if they are being used for other purposes now

Many thanks Dale

The lorry I saw had a massive "DB" logo on the side - don't think its was R6EWS so thought it was either one of the 4 FL6's.


I believe the one you would have seen would be T243 CNN as that is the only one that that has an EAC, that is if it was on track, if not could be any of he fl6's

Cheers Dale

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