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"Missing" RRs and OTMs

We have compiled a page which lists all machines where we don't know their status. A lot haven't been seen in quite a while and are thought to be scrapped. Confirmation of disposals, movements or recent sightings of any would be great!

Click here to view the Current Status Unknown page

As you can see, there's a bit of a theme - most are Permaquip platform lifts and other smaller machines!

Further to this, we have created a similar page for road-railers - we have named it "missing RRs" as most of them haven't been seen for several years. Some may be lurking at obscure & less visited depots, some may have been sold, some may be for sale and at locations enthusiasts traditionally don't visit, etc..

Click here to view the missing RRs page

If you see any, please add sightings. Likewise, if you can update the info, please leave a comment or email us.

Just a quick message to remind anyone to look out for the machines listed in the two links on this page!

Thanks :)

PL0 32 and PL0 48 were both sold to European Metal Recycling, from the Doncaster depot of Fastline Ltd, so the assumption is they were both scrapped

They must've been resold from there, as I took pictures of them at Goodman's, Wishaw. I believe the original intention was for most, if not all of the platform lifts were to go to the GWR at Toddington. I guess that 032 and 048 never made it there.

Balfour Beatty Geismar Rail Threader 907003-6 noted at Hither Green OTPD 26-Jan-13....not recorded on site.

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