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Industrial Rail Cranes

There seems to be a lot of demand for these to be listed, so I have buckled and made a start. I have decided to only list extant (preserved/in-use etc), standard gauge, diesel cranes as they are most relevent to the site.

Industrial Cranes

I do not have the time to research them, so if people want any adding to the list, please email me details - I will need the following info:

Build Number / Build Year / Manufacturer etc / Current Location / a sighting if possible.

Please don't just go through VCT/PRSL copying everything verbatim - would prefer the info to be backed up by sightings etc!

email detailing 3 on the NYMR sent.

The Industrial Cranes list is slowly filling up - we've now got almost 30 in there! Please keep the info on diesel cranes coming and I'll add it when I can. Thanks!

For anyone in the area, there is an industrial crane at Amberley Working Museum. I was going to happily add the info to the website but i can't find any info on it at the moment. Can anyone help?

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