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Location names

A reminder to please try to keep locations on sightings as consistent as possible. If you are reporting from a regular location please use the most commonly used variant from other pages.

General rule of thumb is place name followed by access point or depot detail.

For example

Bolsover - SRS

Barking - Essex Road AP

If locations are consistent then the clickable titles will take you to a page of everything seen at that location (as well as giving the option to add further sightings at this location easily using the tick boxes.)



With the above in mind, I have some sightings at Seven Tunnel Junction. I need to update. The vehicles I saw were spread across three separate locations. There is a compound at the top of the station carpark, then to the immediate south side of the station platforms there is some waste ground where a number of items were stood and then in the old yard / depot area there is another compound where stock was parked up. Do all three fall under the same location on the site ?

Jarrod - unfortunately I think it's too late to aim for any sort of consistency with STJ locations - everyone just seems to make something new up every time they visit. This is what I use:

Severn Tunnel Junction - Rogiet Countryside Park compound (the waste ground you mention, some call it nature reserve)

Severn Tunnel Junction - shed compound (a compound near the shed at the west end of the station)

Severn Tunnel Junction - car park (sometimes things park in a compound accessible at the east end of the station car park) (confusingly there's another "car park" at the west of the station between the little bridge and "shed compound". Agh.)

Severn Tunnel Junction - Emergency compound (at the far west end almost under the M4, there are lots of containers used to store Gators/trailers)

Another annoyance with locations - "NR Depots". Network Rail was formed in 2002, so please can people stop logging sightings at "NR Depots" in 1986!!!

Thankyou Vince , I will endeavour to post my sightings to the correct place. And if you could I have another of your local Access Points I cannot remember the name of ? Between Redwick and Severn Beach there is a A.P, the last time I saw plant here there was a sign up with the name on it. The sign has now gone?


Sounds like:

Redwick - Severn Tunnel AP


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