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Location Profiles

I have gradually been adding location profiles for various access points used on the GWML Electrification project. If you have any locations for access points in your area, please get in touch!


Also another new electrification project up here. Shotts - Edinburgh. This work is being carried out from Holytown Junction through to Midcalder Junction. Approx. 24miles of double tracked line.

Presume information required would be along the lines of:- AP Name, Post Code, Map Ref. Ease of access etc..

Could a request form be made up so that this DATA. and anything else required, would be easily filled in and logged.

Not just for this line but for all areas

No doubt abbreviation's, such as BRTT, would not be acceptable.

I know that if I do one for this line I would imagine that it probably only be used by about 12 people. But if it only helps 3 or 4 it will have been a useful exercise.

Good Idea

Good Luck with it

Regards Jim

I have access base info about access points from the NR hazard directory but please comment if this might spoil the fun of collecting the info for real.

Angus, please share the information. No points for wandering aimlessly around the country. Roy.

If you give me a few days, I will add the facility for you guys to add your own location profiles. It will consist of:

- title (ideally matching any sightings you've already submitted so the sightings show up on the page);

- map location (you'll be able to click the exact location on a map);

- notes you may think relevant. Ease of access/viewing etc.

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