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More Website Improvements

After a brief absence, the "view your sightings" feature is back on the website.

Just go to the sightings section and click "view your sightings" beside each category (you need to be logged in).

Currently the lists only show active/preserved machines. You can check your sightings of scrapped/exported/renumbered machines on individual machine pages - viewable by searching or via the main sightings lists...

A few more improvements (hopefully!) to the site. Again, you'll need to be logged in to view them. If you have any problems or notice any bugs, then please get in touch.

The watchlist feature has had a slight makerover - the list now looks like other sightings lists. To add or remove a machine from your watchlist, just view an individual machine details page.

Individual OTP/RR pages now have a section listing your recent sightings (or a message saying you've not seen the machine); and a section listing everyone's recent sightings.

I've also done some behind the scenes stuff which hopefully makes the site a lot faster than it used to be :)

Another new feature - the ability to add road-railers to your watchlist! You can add them via individual RR pages.

Your Watchlist is here.

A feature that has been missing for a while was the "photo tags" section. It is now back! View all photo tags here.

It allows you to see a group of photos with a common theme, ie all stoneblowers or unimogs etc.

Hope it's of use!

A few minor changes, mainly to existing features that logged in users have access to.

Upload a photo - I have made this page less confusing and clearer. It also gives a few tips on what sort of photos we're looking for and how to avoid having a photo declined.

Update your details - this page allows you to change your name, email address and password. You can change your name so you can post anonymously in the forum if you want.

As always, if anyone has any problems or suggestions for features then please get in touch!

I have now added the ability to comment on individual machine profiles. This is useful if a machine has no photo and you want to make a comment on it (see example comment on #163), and other similar circumstances...

Another few tweaks in the last few days.

You can now edit your sightings (or flag them for deletion). Just click on the "edit" button beside any of your sightings.

I have also increased the number of machines you can add to your watchlist - it is based on the number of sightings that you've submitted. You can also add several machines to you watchlist from the OTP/RR lists with your sightings on (links to the lists are on the right of this page) - just tick the boxes as if you were submitting sightings, and click the "add to watchlist" button instead. (You can't add sightings and add to watchlist at the same time)

I personally think all the new additions and tools on the website are really useful - thanks for taking the time to put them in!

Being able to view your own sightings on each company fleet list came in very useful this week :)

And the watchlist is great for keeping track of stuff you want to see...

More improvements to the watchlist facility. Based on your personal sightings, it suggests machines that you may not have seen (and haven't already added to the watchlist)...

Further to my 29 December post, I have improved the "edit sighting" tool. Any edits to your sightings are now instant, rather than having to wait for me to deal with them. Hope this proves useful! As always, any problems let me know...

I have been doing some more tinkering.

Firstly, it is now easier to see your sightings on the various lists. Any machine you've seen is now highlighted in green, along with a little note with where you first saw it. This change also means the seperate "your sightings" lists are gone.

Secondly, a new page showing which machines have recently been updated - /updates. Unfortunately it isn't clever enough to show you exactly what part of a record has been updated, but I'm working on that...

As always, if you spot any problems then please get in touch!

Hi all,

I've been busy adding a few new pages to the website over the weekend which should be of interest to the road-railer enthusiasts out there.

The first page is a "missing RRs" page, which lists various road-railers that haven't been seen for over a year. It could be that they've been decommissioned or just hiding at a little-visited location. Anyone who can help submit recent sightings or supply disposal details please do!

The second page is an "additions to road-railer fleet lists" page which is self explanatory - it's a list of new road-railers that have been added to the fleet lists.

This differs slightly to the existing "updates" page which shows when any vehicle (not just RRs) has been updated

I hope you find these new pages useful! As always, I welcome any feedback or suggestions for new features.

Another update!

We have re-organised the "sightings" section into a few generic categories, which should help people (and in particular, newbies to the OTP world) find details/sightings of machines more easily. The change comes with a visual overview of the types of machine to be found in each category, and some extra descriptive text when the photo is hovered over...

Regular users, don't worry, we still have the old categorised lists at the bottom of that page.

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