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New Forum on Website

This is the new forum on the website.

Please use it to discuss all aspects of on-track plant and road-railers.

You need to be a registered user on this website to view all discussion topics and to post new topics/replies.

If you have any problems then please get in touch.

Thanks, Vince

As an aside, the name you used when you registered will be displayed with your forum posts. In the future, I will add the ability to save a "display name" with your profile in case you wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like your name changing before this feature is installed, please get in touch - VINCE at ONTRACKPLANT dot COM. Thanks!

Congrats Vince for another upgrade.

The hand of Vince continues to improve the site. I like the formula.

Cheers Dennisg

nice one vince the site go's from strenth to strenth

Seems like a good idea to me


Could not help but notice that of the subscribers apart from the esteemed website owner no one joined before 1/4/2009.

What happened in between!

Got nothing else to do as the snow conditions are not too good.

Even the snowplough has disappeared from Aosta.

Cheers Dennisg

April 2009 is when I started making the login features available to all. Some testers may have had access before then but I didn't think to record dates then...

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