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We're currently in the process of adding details of old machines to "complete the picture" of everything OTP back to the 1980s. Hopefully this will be useful for historical records.

It means there is now a new sub-section on the sightings page with categories underneath listed by number series as before. At the moment there are still quite a few gaps while the info is put into the website but hopefully this will be done over the Christmas break.

If you have added sightings in the past for old numbers they should now appear automatically. Of course more are always welcome, as are photos.

One slight complication is that old number series' have been re-used in a lot of cases but hopefully the website will be clear where this is the case.

Any comments or suggestions welcome on how we might re-organise the info as this is still very much "work in progress" !




What cut off date (going backwards) do you have? To date it has always been 1970 onwards. Has that changed?

Keith 23/12/2010

I think the 1970 date is caused by a problem rather than a "cut off date" - when submitting sightings they have to be in "yyyy-mm-dd" format. Anything else shows a 1970ish date...

At the moment I am trying to get all data from book 3 onwards onto the website. Maybe after this I will look at books 1&2 but one step at a time!

Slowly getting more info on the website now. If anyone has any photos of some of the old machines they would be very welcome! For example we have no photos of the first 760xx series (Matisa 3B5 ballast cleaners) or 743xx series (P&T 06-32 Duomatic) and many more... thanks

I reckon that I have two or maybe three diaries with all the locations where I worked on machines through-out the year in Scotland (possibly some skimirshes across the border aswell), if I was to input the dates of where and when a machine was in the past will it go onto the sighting list in chronological order ?

Don't want to upset the sightings list with out dated information ?

All old sightings are welcome and most definitely won't upset the sightings list :)

As long as they're put in the right format it should be fine :) yyyy-mm-dd

All details should now be on the site and I've spent a large part of today putting in some other previously missing info - most notably the former 965xxx etc number series for all machines that had them so that they appear in searches.

We may have a reshuffle of the number series' categories shortly to make things a bit easier to navigate.

Do you intend to add details of older GWR manual cranes that survived into the 1970s? Examples include:






ADW266 (Cowans-Sheldon #7208)





With the exception of ADW266, which was 6.5t, the rest were 6t examples built at either GWR Swindon or Oldbury.

Phil - we have no plans to list those cranes at the moment.

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