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Hi all,

There is a slight technical problem with the photo section, with some recent photos not showing. The technical team (me) is looking into it, and they'll all hopefully be back soon...

Thanks for notifying us Vince, I was wondering where three of mine (77327, 80208 and 75408) had got to.

Luckily Vince has been able to restore them back onto the website. However some are appearing in strange places - some new ones are appearing that haven't previously been showing (so a good excuse to have a look back through the last few photo batches!) and some labels are not quite right yet - but bear with us!

Ben & Vince

Hi guys, any idea what's happened to my picture of the Swedish Rail Vacuum (9909 001)? It was sat awaiting approval (other was rejected: 'other angle was better, thanks' suggesting the other one was likely to be used), but now seems to have disappeared all together.


Sorry Dan, part of the technical glitch. It should now be back in the approval queue...

So it is, very efficient service!

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