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As they are not currently on the website (nor likely to be?!), can anyone point me in the direction of a 'fleet' list for trailers at all, just so I can easily keep tabs on what I have seen and where.


In lieu of a trailer section, feel free to submit sightings of them here and they'll show up in "your sightings".

Hi Vince, unfortunately I don't know the UIC number for trailers I saw earlier, is it free format, or does the sightings form recognise numbers only?

The system splits at any comma, so you can enter things like "Hydrex RT123,Quattro 234,010345,940123,73234" etc...

To update this, if trailers are your thing then you can view a list of trailers you've submitted at (don't be alarmed if some sighting already appear for you - I've added some for various users to test the system out).

Note: this new section doesn't signify the start of a new listing of all trailers, it is just a place to see your sightings of them.

Great and Thanks for Adding Vince, Theres 6 of us in the Northwest who all Collect Trailers,Just Adding them all Slowly

Many Thanks Geoff.

Me too :) Great Addition to the site

The West Somerset Railway owns a Rexquote trailer (build no. 1461). Does anyone know from which fleet it was acquired and its fleet/UIC number (assuming it has one)?

Phil, this trailer has been on the WSR for some years and I believe may have been new to them, which given their proximity to Rexquote would make sense. I don't believe it carries a fleet number,

Speaking of queries, Yesterday (14th) I spotted two Permaquip 6 seat trolleys, numbered 018003 and 018009. Can anyone give me more details on these please, that I can add to my photo caption on my website, when I get round to sorting the pictures!


All I can add to the WSR trailer is that it has "T3" written on it in pen. A fleet number of sorts? photo.

Thanks to Vince and Nick for the information about the WSR trailer. Is anyone aware of any other similar trailers at preservation sites?

Dan. The two you saw are probably HTT Personel Carriers. However the owners of these two are unconfirmed (although quite probably Network Rail). Where did you see them?

Tuebrook Sidings, in the Network Rail bit, which would make sense if they are indeed Network Rail owned!

Hello Vince, just catching up on this topic! I collect them, and so do several other members of the Cardiff & Avonside Railway Society that I know of. Looks like I've a fair number of sightings to add at some stage.

Thanks for another great addition to the web pages.


Hi, Vince. just been catching up and seen the new trailer topic, i also collect trailers as well as Road Railers. A brill addition to the web, i will add my sighting as soon as i get time. [working away from home a lot at the mo.] again many thanks for all your hard work with the web site.

The 'T3' noted on the trailer at the West Somerset Railway is the trailer type, Rexquote give their trailers a 'T' number for the different designs, examples are 'T1', 'T2', 'T3', 'T4' (the most built), 'T5' & 'T12'. The one at the WSR was built in 2001 and was given to them by Rexquote as a way of thanking the WSR who let Rexquote use their line to test machines before they went 'live' to the customers, (this was before Rexquote built there own test track within their premises).

Is the Rexquote T1, listed as being 2859, adjacent to the turntable at Kidderminster, SVR? Not knowing A. what is a trailer, B. whether said object is on this site, I didn't get a photo of it, but remember seeing it?

Dan. Yes when seen last month the SVR's T1 was parked by the turntable at Kidderminster.

Thanks Nick, that's another sighting to add then!

Would it be possible to put all trailer sightings in one section to create a total list of trailers seen????

Er.. the Trailers tab? Been there several months now.

I think Steve may be asking about a similar section to the RR/sightings lists where one can view everyone's observations?

Due to various reasons, I have no immediate plans to change the current format, sorry.

Ah I see, my apologies.

that IS what i meant vince, was just an idea that popped up.

thanks for reply.

There has been some confusion/questions about the trailers covered by the website.

To try and explain our current position, the website only covers trailers & attachments that are numbered in the 99709-0#####-# series, or are from the CEPS/privatisation era and now preserved. This generally includes those that work with road-railers or smaller trolleys such as Geismars & Bances.

To avoid opening a massive can of worms on the preservation front, we will not be covering historic trailers, army trailers, industrial trailers, Heath-Robinson trailers or anything like that.

I hope this clears things up a bit. If in doubt, please have a look some photos of the sort of trailers we cover or ask below.


For those interested in trailers, I've now added a basic facility to search for them. If you search for a six-digit RIV number (ie '010123') or fleet number (ie 'FR765') then you should get a result allowing you to submit sightings more easily...

Superb, thanks for this Vince.

Hi Vince, is it possible to include all numbers that are applicable (fleet number, RIV etc) on a search for a particular trailer? I've been trying to find out the RIV number for Network Rail TR117, as no RIV number came up with the search. However, by pure chance I've had a look at my photo and typed in the number I thought it looked like, luckily it provided the right result (041013). Is there any way to integrate them, to make searching easier? I appreciate it may take a lot of work linking numbers and fleet numbers, but I'm just wondering whether it would be possible at all? Definitely handy to have a search though!

Yeah Same Here - Have started collecting trailers and road railers and it is very useful - Many Thanks.

hi vince and anybody else I saw a trailer at didcot parkway car cark next to platform 1 and its not listed the number is 010509 I could not see who it run by

010509 was owned by Difuria, and apparently left for Ireland a few years ago (unconfirmed). It's entirely possible that Van Elle are now using it.

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