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What next?

We’ve recently been having discussions about how we can improve the website and take it forward. We felt that all of you - the users of the site - may be able to help us out with suggestions!

Tell us how you use the website, what pages are most useful, anything that isn’t worth keeping – let’s hear it all! Perhaps you would like to see more of specific types of photos? (we always like older photos and I think most people find them interesting to see) or news articles? Videos? More technical articles? Company profile pages?

Please bear in mind that some features and pages are only available to members who contribute financially to the website’s upkeep or send in regular sightings / photos.

Thanks – Ben & Vince

A lot of us found the 'locations' page quite useful. I personally would also like trailers to contain more detail, when searching; e.g. I'd like to be able to find a trailer's RIV number if I search for the fleet number, and vice-versa, say if I put 'FR750' into the search, I'd like it to show as Readypower FR750 - 010061-8 or something, as I find it quite difficult to find out what the other number is if I only recorded one.

I would find a directions page useful for rrv depots. (address, nearest rail station/nearest bus route/ease of access) maybe users could add to the list as well.

I would like a section that provides a chronology of the history of on track plant. This could be in the form of a wki style area where multiple persons can upload / edit / reference.

Some interesting thoughts so far. I am a bit disappointed with the repsonse to this so far though - surely there must be more suggestions?

Dan - there is certainly more we could do to the trailer section/search results. My only concern with making too much info available is that some people will just copy the info onto their own websites/forums/mailing lists/books with no credit. It's already happened with other info/lists and something I'm really not keen on happening again.

A wiki (not just for history, but anything) is an interesting idea. Would people actually use it though?!...

Really like the idea of the 'wiki' page. Think that would very popular.

Also wonder (more for the older machines) if it would be possible to have some sort of way of adding a of 'hall of fame' for popular and maybe nowadays missed operators? By means of attaching it the indivdual machines pages.

Also think a facebook style like for pictures would be good.

Otherwise keep up the good work Ben and Vince. Cracking website and a very useful resourse.

How about technical specifications for machines such as mph, operating resrictions etc? Just a thought.

It would be good to see the names back too. I think they once had their own page complete with a picture of the plate and its meaning.

Regarding "facebook style like for pictures" - we do have an "add to favourites" feature on each photo, which is basically the same as "liking" something, just worded differently! You can view favourite ("liked") photos here.

The Wiki is being considered and anything could be added to it - names, technical write-ups, history etc.

Because of the fantastic amount of information available on the website already, it's difficult to think up ways it can be bettered.

If there is one subject that I think could be made more helpful, it is the addition of the locations of the Irish and Northern Irish R/R yards. The location of just about every English, Scottish and Welsh yard is well known, but there seems a dearth of information for Ireland. It would also be useful to know if they

are friendly towards R/R enthusiasts. Just a thought, otherwise I take my hat off to Vince and Ben for creating and operating a fantastic website.

How about a list of known geismar 4x4 trooley locations please ???

Steve - it's already there in the "Trolleys" section of the "sightings" page.

Roger - Ireland/Northern Ireland is an area I'm keen to expand on - both on the OTP/RR/trailer lists and the locations. There are many members from that part of the world but very little contribution from them. The big issue is how to get more people contributing to the site!

I think that some technical articles would be extremely interesting. Having worked with tampers, stone-blowers and RRV's in the past (as a PW Tech), there are all sorts of aspects to the operation of these machines that I am sure others would like to know.

I'm sure it's been suggested before but it would be great to see some info on the industrial cranes that are around

There seems to be quite a few people in the industry contributing to the pages from time to time. Some of the industry owners of the equipment might be happy to upload technical specs for their machines and Engineering Accepatnce Certificates. Some of the owners may be happy to sponser their pages too.

With regards too Duncan's comment, if we write technical articles about the various operating procedures that I myself would also find interesting, lets not forget that it would be just as interesting to write about the negatives too (which machines were simply not up to the design, rough riding, poor peformance, favourite machines and rogue ones etc). This is ALL part of the job and is something which makes it just as interesting. Remember, there are a lot of good blokes out there, real unsung heros, who have too get the job done on a wet friday night when the machine their working just doesn't play ball. We have all been there and got the T-Shirt on that one.......

I think, Ben and Vince, that it is time for a wiki like page for each of the various types which can be added too and amended by all contributors.

I would like to see an edit function for Tags as I have a couple that need amending and am probably not the only one.

Also I noticed that inputting a two word title e.g. narrow gauge comes out as separate words in alphabetical order.

The best example I've seen is my pic of Xm193 which is tagged Deutz France Gauge Mini Narrow Tamper!

Maybe this could be tweaked if it has not been already.

When Vince said he was disappointed with response I would say that the site is already in such good order with regular tweaking that it

is hard to think of anything else. At least it is for me. So I say worry not Vince you are doing a great job - Thanks.

When tagging, put a hyphen in between the words, e.g. Network-Rail, it will then read it as two words with a space in one tag.

OK, there seems to be some demand for a "wiki" section. I'll see what I can come up with over the coming weeks (or maybe months, quite busy personally in the run up to Christmas).

Dennis, Dan has it right - you can enter "spaced" words using a hyphen as a space (!). "narrow-gauge" "network-rail" etc. I will add a tag/photo editor in due course - some people may want to edit other bits like dates/places too.

Kev - industrial cranes is something I'm not keen on expanding on. I do not have the interest, and, more crucially, the data about them.

Angus - "company profiles" is something we've got in the pipeline..

I think that there is more interest in general about Industrial Plant than there is in the multitude of 4 and 2 wheel trailers.

How about including more information about inidividual vehicles, such as build date or works numbers? I know some pages already have this, but it's only a few, such as some of the Wickham trolleys.

Phil, I think the info would be on the pages if it is known, but very few build numbers/dates are known, when they get discovered, they're usually added to the page, indeed on certain machines there's a note that is asking for the build number, should anyone know it.

Could there be a feature to automatically email you if a sighting is recorded for a machine on your watchlist? An opt-in option to such a feature may also be required.

Andrew - there is a daily watchlist email notification currently being tested - I will hopefully be rolling this out in the next few days... :)

Can't remember if this has been discussed yet or not but could the LUL Battery locos be included in a seperate list. They are specialist plant after all.

No, I feel that they are most definitely beyond the scope of this site. They are allocated TOPS 97xxx numbers though, so they may appear over on departmentals.com one day (Ben?)!

hi guys I would like to see a list of possible workings so I can go out a see them in action

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