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Type 18 MK6 Wickham Cast brake blocks.

New Member, Great website.

Does anyboby know if there are any drawings or plans of cast Iron brake blocks for the above model.

We have one at Weardale railway and the blocks have lost there worthiness for one reason or another, If anyone can help it would be much apreciated.



Can I suggest you join either the Facebook or Yahoo! Wickham of Ware Groups - then contact me directly as I am the Owner & Moderator of both Groups. Thanks Jonathan

Are there not some on the OOU BARS Type 18's or even the OOU one at The Dartmoor Railway? If someone can get me a good example (unworn), then perhaps we can look at having a batch cast?

Try DJ Hawkins of Chesterfield. Google will get you an address and phone but no website that I can see.

They cast brake blocks and do not necessarily need to have an unworn example to start with.

They have done some blocks in the past for us at a reasonable rate.

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