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Where do I start?

I'm a volunteer at the Shillingstone project - rebulilding the station and surrounding Somerset and Dorset line. We have a scuffy Wickham, which I intend to rebuild. It was LMS I'm told. Jap engine. Wood and metalwork are ropey, frame is a bit bent, windows missing.

Firstly, how do I find the number? I'll post a picture shortly.

There was a Wickham on site, the foundations of the hut are still there ( see Bachmann shillingstone hut).

Details of this Type 17A appear on OTP, plus a photograph of mine, under its BR (LMR) number TP57P. As you will see it is not an LMS example. If you are not a member of the Wickham of Ware Yahoo Group it might be a good idea to join/post your intentions.

It's the same one, but now in a sad state. Who actually owns it?

The back is open and was not original (modern angle bracket and metric screws). What did it look like new?

It' s my winter Shillingstone project.

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