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hi, I'm putting together a list of wickham trolleys and locations for my own use, could anybody tell me the location of the ex LT 1Z troley now in a garden somewhere? Discretion guarenteed. thank you. CV

I will contact you off Group

There's a note on this very website saying that it's now at a private site in the West Midlands and the "body was scrapped, wheels & frame for possible rebuild".

The search box is your friend.

Thanks Vince. I would like to contact Anthony regarding his list as we are currently carrying out a County by County survey on the Wickham of Ware Yahoo! Group.

We've got as far as Surrey. The list will be for the whole of the UK and Eire. It will include Northern Island, The Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight and any Scottish Islands where Wickham Trolleys, Trailers and DMU's survive.

Thanks Jonathan, I'd like to contact the owner to ask permission to photograph the trolley, quite an amazing coincidence, because apart from my interest in Wickham trolleys, I'm about to finalise a book on London Transport engineers vehicles and departmental stock. I discovered the Lt 1z and sprite vehicles through the Wickham of ware story. I well remember the Wickham workshops, as I lived not far away. Not muc left now in ware, a few memento's in the local museum.Looking forward to hearing from you. CV


I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for info (mainly photos) to help me with my project to make a 00 gauge/ 4mm scale model of a Wickhams Trolley. There are many available on this excellent site, but cannot find any views of the interior - seating, driver controls, etc.

Can anyone help ?


Anthony / CV, please contact me directly jonathan.flood72@btinternet.com

William, I suggest you join the Wickham of Ware Facebook, Flickr and Yahoo! Groups. There are many pictures internal and external of many types of Wickham Trolleys on all these Groups.

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