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Wickham at Royston, Yorkshire

The IRS 15EL book lists a Wickham trolley (dismantled) as being located here. I gather that this has not been seen for many years, and the sidings at Royston are very overgrown. Does anyone know if the trolley is still here, or if and what its disposal was?

This 15EL entry originates I believe from an old IRS note that suggested there was a dismantled Wickham in the old sidings at Royston (Yorks) near the old colliery. It has certainly not been reported elsewhere, let alone seen, to the best of my knowledge and has probably long gone, along with the sidings. I assume the "colliery" would be Royston Drift, connected to the former LMSR

line. It would be helpful to put this report to rest, unless ......... Does anyone have access to this area?

There is a Royston in Cambs, but I do not think this is relevant.

Keith G.

Thanks Keith.

Here's a map of potential location (more sidings if you scroll north) if anyone's in the area...

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