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Wickham type 44

Intrigued by this vehicle, various photos and sales leaflet here, further details anyone and does it survive ?



main site with lots of other good pics and BRUFF literature



For more information, I suggest you join the Wickham of Ware Groups on Yahoo! or Facebook! The Wickham of Ware Flickr Group now has over 1,250 images of railway vehicles built by Wickhams.

With regards to the Type 44, we believe it probably ended up in America owned by Wickham Railcars of Goodyear, Arizona. However, this company ceased trading some years ago and the last owner passed away suddenly in 2012 before we were able to meet up. I was hoping to discover more about the history of the firm after the site at Ware was closed and when they merged with Bruff to form Wickham Rail.

Hello Robin/Jonathan, that's an amazing set of photos you have got on flicker. All those within the factory, I worked for Bruff during this period and have a bit of detail during this period, only what I can remember though. I think I sent you all the publicity on Wickham I had kept. Your details on the Type 44 are correct, I never did find out what happened to it but I am sure it ended up in Phoenix after about the mid 90's. I think I still have a couple of multi pictured calendars still which showcase the Bruff and Wickham products.

James, yes the photos were supplied by someone who worked at both Suckley & Bishop's Frome. I'd really like to track down more former employees from these two sites, Ware & Goodyear (Arizona)

I should have written "these two sites as well as Ware (Hertfordshire), Stevenage (Hertfordshire) and Goodyear (Arizona, USA)

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