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Recent Comments

  • FLASS01 (A&B)

    This original FLASS pair have gained covers over their engines at the top, making them similar in appearance to the smaller TRTs. see first photo here...

  • Van Elle Rail RR - 911345

    Erroneous sightings now removed....

  • Van Elle Rail RR - 911345

    I agree with Alex. I did not see VER 017 at Plantworx....

  • Van Elle Rail RR - 911345

    Unless it was in a different location to the rest of the Van Elle exhibits! The one on the stand was VER 018 - 911346...

  • 92507

    OK, for the purposes of this site, I don't think we should be including sightings of it now (especially as it is no longer DR92507). If it gets a new OTP-related role, I will add a new record similar to the Railcare wagons....

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