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Recent Photos

  • Photo of Dixon Bros RD05 96MH5173 (99609 943017 4)
  • Photo of Dixon Bros RR33 (99609 911017 2)
  • Photo of TRS TRS373 (99709 011211 8)
  • Photo of Aquarius YE64KCU 976102 + 009393
  • Photo of Breffni Hire RR02 07D53644 (99709 940077 9)
  • Photo of Network Rail (99709 016077 8)
  • Photo of Breffni Hire FR1342 (99709 942112 2)
  • Photo of Network Rail (99709 016077 8)
  • Photo of Unnumbered foreign import
  • Photo of 73805
  • Photo of Glasgow Subway FWB4
  • Photo of Network Rail GN64RZH (99709 917049 7)

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  • 99 70 9319 002-0

    We have the following "unknown" Kirow wagons listed, one of which was on display with the crane at IAF Messe 2017, so would be a safe bet to assume that they're at least two for TransPlant 99709 358001 99709 358002 On arrival it may be worth re-checking the numbering - see earlier comments about...

  • 99 70 9319 002-0

    Looks like this move was cancelled so presumably still sat at Dollands Moor somewhere. Of interest is that there also appears to be a "rake" of point carrier wagons with it. We don't have these listed so any more details appreciated....

  • Network Rail (99709 016077 8)

    Seems very strange that we have 2 pictures of this units posted on consecutive days on in Todays Pictures. Sightings Taken 18 Sept & 3rd Oct Only 48 days Between Pictures How MUCH HAS CHANGED BETWEEN THAT TIME???...

  • 99 70 9319 002-0

    Looks like this may finally be arriving in London early tomorrow morning from Dollands Moor https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R04141/2019-11-20/detailed Thanks to various for the heads up......

  • 965241

    Now at Crewe Gresty Bridge with 965296...

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