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Recent Photos

  • Photo of 99709 940380-7
  • Photo of Network Rail CE64NSZ (99709 978022 0)
  • Photo of Quattro 1092 (99709 912349 6)
  • Photo of Quattro 205 (99709 911140 0)
  • Photo of Kaill RRV-DX170-1 (99709 940834 3)
  • Photo of TRS 912446-0,Build 10441
  • Photo of WE429EOL 912015 3
  • Photo of APWebb TS14 (99709 914107 6)
  • Photo of RRC 70368 RK51ONR (99709 919080 0)
  • Photo of TRS 912445-2, Build 10431
  • Photo of 99709 940786-5
  • Photo of Quattro 125 (99709 943045 3)

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  • Lankelma RR - FX05 EBN

    Is this the vehicle at Old Oak Common? Or is it one of the road vehicles?...

  • DRK81613

    I remember working on these shifts back in the day. If I recall correctly a lot of this remodelling at Brum International was through the platform and we used the crane in swivel, hence having to hire big outrigger mats from Ainscough for the propped side. Happy days back then with Grants and the or...

  • ST/09/04

    Has Carried General "Wee" under the Rear 2 seats since at least 2016-01-19...

  • SES Rail RR - 976048

    Was still in the back when it arrived back. Didn't look as though any work had been carried out on it....

  • ST/06/03

    Named Little Kit...

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