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Recent Photos

  • Photo of DR79101
  • Photo of Linsinger MG11 Rail Miller #113 062 of 2016 / OAF 001
  • Photo of Story 0992 PY61VBD (99709 940759 2)
  • Photo of VolkerRail RWP08113 (99709 020083 0)
  • Photo of DR97510
  • Photo of Mercedes-Benz/Zwiehoff Unimog U423 Shunter #253708
  • Photo of NE Rail FB4
  • Photo of Story MEWP20 (99709 912418 9)
  • Photo of 68052
  • Photo of Platform Basket EVO RR 14 EVO2-400 #PB10449 of 2018
  • Photo of Story MEWP 21 (99709 912424 7)
  • Photo of TXM RT166 (99709 010179 8) and RT334 (99709 010962 7)

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  • DX 74108

    Interesting to see a machine like this, note the optical lift system, Plasser had to go back to wires due to copy write issues with Matisa. Good luck on your venture, but I feel stuffing and mounting this machine is the only way forward....

  • Network Rail RR - 912193

    Cheers for that Clarification Dale. The 2 units did have Babcock International as the owner on the DATA Plate. However there was a notice on them Giving notice of transfer, which to all extents looked more like an internal transfer rather than from an external owner. Just wonder that the site, OT...

  • Network Rail RR - 912193

    All the ABC MEWPS are the property of network rail and was leased to ABC for the PSU project, I believe there is also two Evos gone to NR edgehill depot, unsure on the numbers though...

  • Network Rail RR - 912193

    Now the Property of NR @ Shettleston...

  • DX 74108

    Paging Jon Middleton, Would like your contact details again if possible. Thanks. Kevin...

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