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  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    Not far short of 3m if you include the NR Flash Butt Welder at the end of the line. Think the MEWPs are in region of 150K each...

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    How much money is represented in this picture?...

  • McCulloch TRT 06 & 03

    What are those clock-like stickers?...

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    A new record line up photo?!...

  • Balfour Beatty TIPH 93358

    I guess two more questions arise here: 1) Who built the modules pictured here (GOS perhaps - there's a van in the photo)? 2) Does anyone know the numbers of the Clayton vehicles?...

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