Rail Trolley Trust display at Chasewater Gala - 25 & 26 May 2019

2 May 2019

Rail Trolley Trust display at Chasewater Gala - 25 & 26 May 2019

The Chasewater Railway are holding their 60th Anniversary Gala on the 25/26th May 2019. This gala will provide a good opportunity to view some of the Rail Trolley Trust's restored Wickham trolleys and other works-in-progresses...

From The Rail Trolley Trust:

Three of our restored Wickham Trolleys will be attending the Chasewater Railway's 60th Anniversary Gala on 25th & 26th May.

Type 4B - Works No. 6872, Type 8S - Works No. 4168 and Type 17 - Works No. 497.

Visitors will also be able to view the on-going restoration of "St Trinians" Type 27 Mk III - Works No. 6857. Also our Geismar EGO-5E/0006 Trolley and TT6 Personnel Trailer will be available to view.

Chasewater based Wickham Type 17 - Works No. 496 will also be on display along with ex MOD Baguley Drewry Railcar - Works No. 3707 (Army - AD9118)

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