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The End for 76401

11 October 2010

At the start of October the unique Plasser Wet Spot Machine, 76401, moved from Rugby OTPD to EMR Kingsbury for scrapping.

August/September 2010 News

6 October 2010

Several arrivals and departures occured during August/September.

Recent Disposals (early 2010)

5 May 2010

A quick round up of recent disposals...

September 2009 disposals

30 September 2009

A lot of redundant OTP (mainly Fastline-owned) is currently being cleared...

Summer 2009 Update

24 August 2009

A summary of recent happenings...

April 2009 updates

24 April 2009

Another quick round up of recent news.

Spring Cleaning

13 March 2009

Some of the railway companies have been having a spring clean.

Ashford Disposals

3 January 2009 - thanks to Paul Wade for this article

Raxstar have been cutting various wagons at Ashford OTPD during December, but some OTP has been done too...

Fastline Disposals (January 2009)

1 January 2009

Fastline have recently had a clear-out at Doncaster Marshgate...

Disposal Round-up - Autumn 2008

19 November 2008

Here's a quick round-up of some recent disposals.

Fastline Disposals (June 2008)

17 June 2008 - thanks to The Fastline Insider for this article

Quite a few Fastline machines have been sent abroad recently, with more to follow...

Breakdown Crane Moves

4 June 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams for this article

Network Rail have recently sent three of their redundant breakdown cranes for scrap...

Various Moves - Spring 2008

24 April 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams, Fastline, Brian Stanway, Roy Hennefer, Dave Denton, Les Wild, AB for this article

Several items of stored plant have recently moved. Some good, and some bad...

Summer 2007 updates

17 October 2007

It's been quite a while since the last news update. Not too much has happened - mainly a few preservation movements...

DR 76217

6 May 2007 - thanks to Roy Hennefer for this article

This has been dumped at Duddeston for nearly 15 years. At the end of April 2007 the scrap man finally arrived...

Spring 2007 updates

21 April 2007

A quick round up of some of Spring's OTP news.

Winter news update

2 February 2007

A summary of recent disposals and changes...

Meanwhile, up at York...

20 October 2006 - thanks to Lerpass Mapter for this article

Meanwhile, up at York...

Fastline have been getting in on the scrapping action too.

Carillion Cull

10 October 2006

Since the last article a few more of Carillion's machines have gone to Booth's scrapyard in Rotherham. Get ready for some huge lists of numbers..

August / September News

17 September 2006 - thanks to Stuart Taylor for the photo. Vince for this article

Another few months have gone by - quite a lot has happened this time!

Machine Moves

26 July 2006

A few interesting moves have happened in the last week or so.

Recent bits (July 2006)

4 July 2006

Not a lot has happened lately, but I'll do a quick round up anyway.

Recent OTP News

16 March 2006 - thanks to Roy Hennefer, Pete Winch, Ben Williams for this article

Time for another quick round up of recent happenings in the OTP world.

A few unreported bits from 2005

21 January 2006

Some OTP news that didn't get reported during 2005.

Machine Update

8 October 2005 - thanks to Roy Hennefer, Pete Winch, Ben Williams, Keith Gunner. Russell Wear for this article

Another few months have passed since the last update, and another few things have happened.

Machine Update (June 2005)

15 June 2005 - thanks to Pete Winch, Nick Wilkinson, Mark Thomas for this article

It's been a busy(ish) 6 weeks since the last update!

Machine Update (April)

24 April 2005 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Charlie Cross, Pete Winch, Ben Williams for this article

A quick round up of recent (and not-so-recent) happenings..

Machine Update (Dec.)

2 December 2004 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Peter Hall, Cromptoneer, Dave Shell, Brian Loughlin for this article

Quite a lot has happened during the last few months!

Machine Update (August)

9 August 2004 - thanks to Vince, Al Weiss, Pete Winch for this article

It has been a couple of months since the last update. Not much has happened though...

Machine Update (March)

7 March 2004 - thanks to Vince, Ben Williams, Lerpass Mapter, Peter Hall for this article

There have been several developments recently, so here is a quick round-up of what has happened.

Snowplough Disposals

29 March 2003 - thanks to Peter Hall for this article

Snowplough Disposals

One area not covered very well on both the internet and in books is the scrapping of snowploughs. This section aims to rectifiy that.

Disposal Update

22 November 2002

Well, we've recently had a preservation round-up and numerous new machine updates. Now here is a quick review of some big machines which have been scrapped in recent months.

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