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News Roundup - November 2013

1 December 2013

Apart from the Story/Caledonian and Colas/Amey acquisitions, November 2013 has been a rather quiet month. Here's a quick round-up...

News Roundup - August 2013

1 September 2013

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from August 2013.

News Roundup - June 2013

1 July 2013

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from June 2013.

News Roundup - May 2013

3 June 2013

A round-up of on-track plant and road-railer news from May 2013.

Nene Valley Railway - DR98500 Relaunch

6 July 2011

Six years ago DR98500, a Plasser TASC45, moved from Perth to the Nene Valley Railway for preservation. Earlier this year, work was finally completed on machines and a small ceremony was held last week to celebrate completion of the work.

Road-Railer News January 2011

5 January 2011

After a relatively quiet period since the last report, here is the third update for Road Rail equipment.

Fastline latest

15 July 2010

A few developments with the former Jarvis / Fastline fleet...

September 2009 disposals

30 September 2009

A lot of redundant OTP (mainly Fastline-owned) is currently being cleared...

Summer 2009 Update

24 August 2009

A summary of recent happenings...

April 2009 updates

24 April 2009

Another quick round up of recent news.

Wickham Trolleys - March 2009

2 April 2009 - thanks to Jonathan Flood for this article

Jonathan's second round-up of all things Wickham...

Spring Cleaning

13 March 2009

Some of the railway companies have been having a spring clean.

Wickham Trolleys - January 2009

8 February 2009 - thanks to Jonathan Flood for this article

First in a series of Wickham News from Jonathan Flood.

Another Permaquip Preserved

28 January 2009

Another Permaquip is joining the OTPPG collection at Longhoughton.

Fastline Disposals (January 2009)

1 January 2009

Fastline have recently had a clear-out at Doncaster Marshgate...

November 2008 Preservations

26 November 2008

Another two machines escape the scrapman!

Various Moves - Spring 2008

24 April 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams, Fastline, Brian Stanway, Roy Hennefer, Dave Denton, Les Wild, AB for this article

Several items of stored plant have recently moved. Some good, and some bad...

Longhoughton Developments

24 November 2007 - thanks to Dave Shell for this article

Longhoughton is becoming quite the Permaquip hotspot lately. Three more arrived in the middle of November...

Summer 2007 updates

17 October 2007

It's been quite a while since the last news update. Not too much has happened - mainly a few preservation movements...

OTPPG - And Then There Were Three

29 September 2007

OTPPG - And Then There Were Three

We're happy to announce the latest acquisition for the OTPPG - Permaquip PCT 98702 formerly at Paignton and latterly at Fawley Hill.

Spring 2007 updates

21 April 2007

A quick round up of some of Spring's OTP news.

August / September News

17 September 2006 - thanks to Stuart Taylor for the photo. Vince for this article

Another few months have gone by - quite a lot has happened this time!

Machine Moves

26 July 2006

A few interesting moves have happened in the last week or so.

Recent bits (July 2006)

4 July 2006

Not a lot has happened lately, but I'll do a quick round up anyway.

Recent OTP News

16 March 2006 - thanks to Roy Hennefer, Pete Winch, Ben Williams for this article

Time for another quick round up of recent happenings in the OTP world.

Swindon Cranes' Preservation

21 February 2006 - thanks to Roger Cooke for this article

The two Ransomes and Rapier 45-ton steam cranes that have been languishing at Swindon since 1989 have finally moved to preservation sites.

A few unreported bits from 2005

21 January 2006

Some OTP news that didn't get reported during 2005.

Machine Update

8 October 2005 - thanks to Roy Hennefer, Pete Winch, Ben Williams, Keith Gunner. Russell Wear for this article

Another few months have passed since the last update, and another few things have happened.

Machine Update (April)

24 April 2005 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Charlie Cross, Pete Winch, Ben Williams for this article

A quick round up of recent (and not-so-recent) happenings..

OTPPG - 68030 - The Arrival

5 January 2005

OTPPG - 68030 - The Arrival

Well well well, what a morning! Thought I'd better cover at least one major OTPPG event..

OTPPG - 68030 - The Liberation

22 December 2004

OTPPG - 68030 - The Liberation

The plan somehow came together up in Stranraer on Monday December 20th - at times I thought it wasn't going to and the preceding Saturday and Sunday turned into long days of waiting around and not much happening!

OTPPG - 68706 - The Arrival

11 December 2004

OTPPG - 68706 - The Arrival

DX68706 has finally arrived at it's new preservation base, the Colne Valley Railway.

Machine Update (Dec.)

2 December 2004 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Peter Hall, Cromptoneer, Dave Shell, Brian Loughlin for this article

Quite a lot has happened during the last few months!

OTPPG - November 2004 update #2

22 November 2004

An unexpected turn of events occurred on Friday 19th November.

OTPPG - November 2004 update #1

12 November 2004

OTPPG - November 2004 update #1

To bring things up to date, a quick round-up of what has been happening with the OTPPG in the last month or so.

OTPPG - The Story So Far

7 October 2004

OTPPG - The Story So Far

The whole project was born in June 2004 after an inquisitive email to First Engineering regarding an item of on track plant that had been stored inside a shed near Stranraer Town station for at least the last ten years.

Machine Update (August)

9 August 2004 - thanks to Vince, Al Weiss, Pete Winch for this article

It has been a couple of months since the last update. Not much has happened though...

Machine Update (June 2004)

1 June 2004 - thanks to Charlie Cross, Roj Fraser, Ben Williams, Peter Hall, Keith Gunner,Pete Winch for this article

A quick update regarding recent OTP developments.

DR 73214

13 December 2003 - thanks to Chas Tallis for this article

DR 73214

The oldest Network Rail registered tamper is finally going for preservation!

Recent Machine Sales

31 October 2003

Two preserved items of plant have recently been advertised for sale by Car Services UK.

OTPreservation Weekend

6 July 2003

OTPreservation Weekend

As most of you may remember, we organised a weekend where most of you went out trying to find as many vehicle as possible. This was very successful - thank you everyone who took part. We are now planning weekend 2, but with a twist.

Snowplough Disposals

29 March 2003 - thanks to Peter Hall for this article

Snowplough Disposals

One area not covered very well on both the internet and in books is the scrapping of snowploughs. This section aims to rectifiy that.

Preservation round-up

8 October 2002

Here is a quick update of which items of plant have been preserved recently.

538002 no longer at Crewe!

14 February 2002 - thanks to Mike Gorton for this article

538002 no longer at Crewe!

After languising for many months at Crewe OTPD, GTRM have recently sold their Matisa A05C tamper to the Welsh Highland Railway Ltd.

WANTED! OTParts...

5 January 2002 - thanks to Brian Cunningham for this article

WANTED!  OTParts...

Ever wondered why 68801 isn't in the OTP2000 book? Did you think it had been scrapped?

No more 81318 at Colchester

5 January 2002 - thanks to Paul Lemon for this article

No more 81318 at Colchester

Balfour Beatty has sold 81318, and it is now residing at the nearby Colne Valley Railway.

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