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Network Rail announces track delivery partners for 2014-19 investment programme

13 May 2014

There are some interesting changes ahead as Network Rail announces it's next track delivery partners. The most significant change is NR bringing their high output operations in-house.

Groundbreaking factory train to cut years off Great Western electrification

25 July 2013

Work is nearing completion on the construction of Network Rail's new Windhoff Electrification Factory Train for the GWML.

South Wales rail upgrade nears completion

14 March 2013

Network Rail are nearing completion on major infrastructure works in South Wales.

Readypower Aqcuires Paul John's Rail Assets

28 February 2013

In what may seem like a surprising move, Readypower have acquired the assets of Paul John's rail business. This takes Readypower's fleet to just over 170 road-rail vehicles, making it the third largest rail plant supplier in the UK.

Network Rail digs deep to relay West Coast tunnel

13 January 2013

A review of Network Rail's Christmas blockade in Shugborough Tunnel on the WCML

Rexquote Gigacrane

9 December 2008

Rexquote have recently launched a new vehicle called the 'Gigacrane'.

Railway Moonbuggy

2 December 2008

An intriguing new trolley/road-rail machine has been developed by Smith Engineering. This is the Moonbuggy All Terrain Railway Vehicle (ATRV).

Colas Rail

2 February 2008 - thanks to Sandie Rudd & Nick Powell at ColasRail, Peter Hall at NPT Publishing for this article

Several major changes have happened over the last few months.

Fastline secures Network Rail contract

3 December 2005

From a Fastline press release:

AMEC awarded WCML Contract

28 November 2005

From an AMEC press release:

More new plant for Jarvis

29 January 2002 - thanks to a Jarvis Press Release for this article

More new plant for Jarvis

Jarvis have just completed their final Rail Recovery Delivery Train.

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