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For Sale Section

7 September 2011

We have recently revamped the "for sale" section of the website. It aims to list any machines that are currently for sale. If you would like your machine listed then please get in touch... View the For Sale section here.

Merry Christmas

20 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all our contributors!

More Website Features

15 October 2010

More Website Features

Instead of writing Shakespeare, the monkeys have been busy behind the scenes adding new features to the website.

New Website Feature - Favourite Photos

2 July 2010

New Website Feature - Favourite Photos

The technical team has been busy recently and added another small new feature to the website.

Website costs

4 April 2010

Some of you may have noticed that was down again recently for a short time but is now back online.

A Quick Note About Registrations

23 January 2010

I've noticed that quite a few people have registered on the website but haven't activated their accounts yet... 10th Birthday!!

26 December 2009 10th Birthday!!

29th December 2009 sees the website celebrate it's big tenth anniversary...

Copyright reminder

18 November 2009

A short but necessary note about the use of information on this website.

Submit your sightings

12 November 2009

Just a quick message about sightings submissions...

Summer 2009 Update

24 August 2009

A summary of recent happenings...

OTP Photo Competition 2009

22 May 2009

OTP Photo Competition 2009

Something for all you budding OTP photographers out there!

More Website Improvements

15 April 2009

I have made a few improvements to the website.

On-Track Plant Sales

10 January 2009

Some of you may have noticed a new link in the navigation menu recently - "sales" - but were confronted with an empty page. Well, the section finally has something in it. :)

9th Birthday!

29 December 2008

29th December sees the website celebrate it's ninth year...

Website Improvements - 2008

4 November 2008

Several improvements have been made to the site in recent weeks. Here is a quick round-up of the improved features.

Road-Railer section - update

12 May 2007

In a (melo)dramatic U-turn, I've re-added the ability to submit RR sightings to the website.

Road-Railer section

20 March 2007

Some important news regarding the future of road-railer section on this website.

Website Improvements - 2004

20 February 2004

Several improvements have been made to the site over the recent weeks. Here is a quick round-up of the new features.

OTPnet 4th Birthday!!

29 December 2003

On 29th December 2003, OTPnet is 4 years old!


31 May 2002 - thanks to Ben Williams & Vince for this article

Hot on the heels of OTPnet, comes an exciting new website for another topic which isn't widely covered on the 'net - Departmental stock.

OTPnet 2nd Birthday!!

29 December 2001

On 29th December 2001, OTPnet is 2 years old!

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