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Category: 989xx series - MPVs, - Multi-Purpose Vehicles


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  • 98961

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Preston26 Sep 2016-
Wigan Springs Branch26 Sep 2016-
Carlisle13 Aug 2016-
Carlisle27 Jul 2016-
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  • DR 98911 & DR 98961

    16 September 2009 - walter stewart

    can the mpv be fitted with plough and brush to regulate ballast

    what is it duties throughout the year

  • DR 98911 & DR 98961

    16 September 2009 - RRV Cowboy

    No attachments can be fitted front or back there was talk of them being used for pulling freight but not sure what came off it very rare to see these in possessions unless they are the wireing.piling mpv

  • DR 98911 & DR 98961

    16 September 2009 - allyf07

    This type of MPV does weedspraying during spring and summer then sandite during autumn. They was a trial period about 3 years ago, when they were used to carry wood from sites on the West Highland Line to Carlisle, but they were not powerful enough. This MPV consists of a Master and slave (only 2 engines) and cannot be connected with another one to run in tandem.

  • DR 98911 & DR 98961

    16 September 2009 - Nick Tompkin

    Also used on de-icing on third rail routes during the Winter.

  • DR 98911 & DR 98961

    17 September 2009 - mushroom25

    MPV masters 98921 and 98924 were "paired" for FMU trials a few years ago and made test runs from Southampton, and on the Cambrian Line. Whilst reasonably successful, the problem with the MPV is that the decks are too high to carry any meaningful sized loads.