On-Track Plant 2009 book

20 March 2009 - thanks to NPT Publishing for this article

On-Track Plant 2009 book

On-Track Plant 2009, by Roger Butcher/NPT Publishing

The 2009 edition of the On-Track Plant book is now out, and again it doesn't disappoint! This year it is sponsored by Colas Rail.

Like the last book, this edition is split into 5 sections:

  • Large Plant - including new machines currently on order.
  • Road/Rail Plant broken into sub-sections by type.
  • Small Plant broken into sub-sections by type.
  • Companies - lists of what each company owns.
  • Disposals - mainly large plant disposals since the last edition.

The Road-Railer section doesn't list fleet numbers, but updates and lists will continue to be published on this website.

The book has 304 pages, and there are over 650 colour pictures depicting nearly every type of machine & road-railer.

You can send a 35 cheque made payable to "On Track Plant 2009" to...

On Track Plant 2009, NPT Publishing, 26 Priory Gardens, Langstone, Newport, NP18 2JG

Note: postage & packaging is free on UK orders; 5 per book on EU orders; and 10 per book on non-EU orders.

Important Notes:

* Orders must be placed via the above address.

* We are not the publisher/distributor/author of this book!

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  • I have a hard copy of this book, is there anyway it can be viewed on the web?


  • Sample pages and the ability to order copies of On-Track Plant 2009, along with copies of the previous editions, can all be done through the newly updated website:



  • Can you tell me when On Track Plant 2010 is being released.


  • Bill - latest news is that there won't be a "2011" edition due to a lack of investment in new machines...

    Will post any updates when I hear about them.

  • Does this book list the engine-types used to power track-machines present and past? If not, any suggestions where I could find that?

    Thanks in advance,

    Neil Mackenzie

  • Neil

    Not sure if the book gives these details, but you could ask on the forum here about certain machine types and probably get a reply.

  • Neil

    What machine types are you after, I'll have ago if the memory still works.

  • Hi there - Namely the enigine types used in the larger rail-grinders:

    Speno RPS 32-2 Rail Grinder

    Loram/Hunslet Barclay SPML17 Rail Grinder

    Loram C21(01) Rail Grinder

    Last but not least - the old Speno sets:

    Speno RPS 32-1 Rail Grinder

    One of the two was returned to Speno in in Geneva1989. Did they keep it? I remember seeing them in the mid-80s.



  • Well, I can't help with engne details on the grinders, they was always run private in BR days. Roger is best placed to comment.

    But, the Italians on the early Speno Grinders cooked a cracking breakfast, so I was told.

  • Sorry Neil, but I do not know the engines fitted to these machines.

    I was also told of the Italians good breakfasts.


  • No problem guys. Thanks for getting back to me anyway.


  • Hi, I would like to know if somebody can help me in subscribing the Rail Infrastructure Magazine and obtaining a copy of this book.

    I sent them an email buy nobody answer



  • Good luck,!

    After 28 years in this industry and various faxes and emails sent to the publisher, including asking them at rail industry shows, I can't get on the Magazine mailing list.


  • Will there be a 2015 or any new editions? thanks.

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