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  • ontrackplant avatar

    ontrackplant Website editor

    I think there was an ambition in the mid-1990s to renumber all of the clamping wagons into the 979400-415 range (to match the machinery bits) - a list of proposed/allocated numbers was published in the 1995 Book. 979031 to 979402 being one example, along with some others you quote.

    For whatever reason, these proposed renumberings didn't happen - and sightings in the late 90s/early 2000s back this up.

  • Robin Morel

    Robin Morel

    image of DB Cargo  99709918002 T244CNN, DB Cargo  99709918005 T241CNN, DB Cargo  99709918003 T243CNN, DB

    All 4 vehicles

    244 / 241 / 243 / 242 all currently lited as SORN

  • Robin Morel

    Robin Morel

    image of DB Cargo  99709918004 T242CNN

    Emergency Response Vehicle lettering

    Also in picture

    T243CNN directly in front then


    All 4 vehicles on site at Toton but all SORN

  • Dan Adkins

    Dan Adkins

    Also according to the data on the LTSV site, 979031 became the second 979402:


    The first 979402 apparently became a second 979406. The first 979406 becoming the second 979410, the first one of those becoming 979414! The situation all seems to be a bit confusing! Ignore the sightings assigned to 979402 (1) - these are probably assigned to the wrong record, and these should be 979402 (2).

  • ontrackplant avatar

    ontrackplant Website editor

    New record created for 600001 ex 979031.

    If anyone has any further information please leave a comment. Likewise if you have any sightings, particularly of it post-conversion as 600001 please log them. Thanks!

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