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  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    ECC expiry date 26/10/2027

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    Hi Lee

    Yes, correct. From a post dated March 2021, this apparently departed in late 2020 “for pastures new due to reaching a point in its life whereby it was beyond economic repair”. Whether that’s a polite reference to being sent for scrap, or whether it appears elsewhere remains to be seen.

    The Genie is one of the old Z45/22s. It’s still in its original blue (or was on delivery in March) which makes me think it’s one of PTL125 or 126. The former may be most likely, despite no sightings since 2018, as the latter would have required rebuilding given its state in the 2019 photo.

  • Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor

    I have a feeling that this might have been disposed of by the tramway and replaced with an ex Pod-Trak Genie the identity of which I am currently unaware of

  • GBned


    Carries Number SB300 and not FR300.

    Correctly carries 911366..

  • ZCV


    The GOS marketing brochure was for pc138 and sk135 both as rail bug if I remember correctly

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