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Recent Comments

  • Tom Dennett

    Tom Dennett

    Is TIPH 93330 in the same bracket Vince? Worked as a match wagon with 81626 since delivery in 2016

  • Tom Dennett

    Tom Dennett

    Just to update: the match wagons with this crane are now 93330 and 996644

  • Greg Hartle avatar

    Greg Hartle

    No worries cheers Vince.. Dan I'm sorry I didn't take much notice of the GPTRAMM as I don't need any for sight. Was likely 98220... nope no sign of the Komatsu..

  • Dan Adkins

    Dan Adkins

    What was the GP-TRAMM please Greg? If it's DR98220 then this must be a very recent swap, as latterly it's been running with Freightliner FEA 641062 (and prior to that 641016). Would make sense for it to have swapped, as I'd imagine Freightliner would want to use the FEA on modal trains!

    Incidentally, whilst on the subject of Hither Green, did you remember to look for that faded Komatsu please?

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Thank you for your patience in awaiting a reply.

    1) it's not listed because this is the first report of it.

    2) it's not listed because it's just a standard wagon with no real maintenance merit. Just because it sometimes works in a GPTRAMM formation doesn't make it worthy of inclusion.

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