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Recent Photos

  • Photo of Network Rail  99709975084
  • Photo of Fitzgerald  99709978024 CE64NSV
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  • Photo of Trackwork RR188 99709020211, Trackwork RR163 99709020035
  • Photo of Quattro 1402 99709940770
  • Photo of Quattro 711 99709010120, Quattro 712 99709010121
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  • Photo of Network Rail  99709977078
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  • Photo of Quattro GRB936 99709009442
  • Photo of Rail OP 005 99709912311, Rail OP 006 99709912312
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  • Photo of TXM 7107 99709912178
  • Photo of TXM 2721 99709943004
  • Photo of TXM 5526 99709911301

Discussion Forum

Recent Comments

  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall

    Preserved Gloucestershire Warwickshire link not activated so doesn't apear to come up on Gloucestershire Warwickshire listing

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    Noted in Fitzgeralds Pontypool yard on 2/12 with all Network Rail logos and RIV numbers removed.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    So which number is correct? Anyone got confirmed details of the other one pls?

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    We were told yesterday at SPL that they are expecting a Doosan to be delivered in December, two more in 2024, plus two Colmars in 2024, the two Platform DD19's presently at Promax, plus another four on order.

  • Roy Hennefer

    Roy Hennefer

    I understand that the TRT has been withdrawn from sale.

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