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Recent Photos

  • Photo of M44/068
  • Photo of DR79104, DR79105
  • Photo of Quattro 556 99709914063
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  • Photo of Quattro QPL1303 99709911369
  • Photo of Readypower FR679 99709910106
  • Photo of L&W RRV156 99709940914
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  • Photo of McCulloch Unimog 1 99709979074 AE54GWM
  • Photo of Quattro 936 99709912047
  • Photo of QTS RRL01 99709917119 BF-JL-09
  • Photo of SPL RT002 99709020262, SPL RT004 99709020264, SPL RRV002 99709910178
  • Photo of Quattro 1269 99709919093 AC06RRC

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Recent Comments

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Wow! 9 years and 1 month (to the day!) since the last recorded sighting. Is this a record?

  • Nick Garnham avatar

    Nick Garnham

    79104 leads 79105 past Werrington Junction, Peterborough on 26 November 2021, in transit from Welwyn Garden City to Holbeck

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    This now carries fleet number GPC 001.

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    The original 940020-9 (still with its ID in the cab) sits at Kingston, and I believe that the vehicle now carrying 940020 is really W001 - 940019 . Can anyone confirm - or is it opening a can of worms ?

  • Nick Tompkin avatar

    Nick Tompkin

    Interestingly a photo appeared on a Facebook group yesterday of the Skako power wagon 210306 in 1993. This shows this, plus 92213-22 painted yellow with “Network Southeast South Eastern Division” branding and NSE logo on one end, and “Civil Engineer” on the other.

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