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Discussion Forum

Recent Comments

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Informed today that this has been sold for £1 and is awaiting collection from here. Unfortunately, not known to where.

  • Brian Cuttell

    Brian Cuttell

    Thanks Dan. I'd never heard of the COVES Group so at least it gives a possible location.

  • Dan Adkins

    Dan Adkins

    Most of the COVES vehicles are at MOD Bicester, having relocated from Finmere.

  • Brian Cuttell

    Brian Cuttell

    The GWRPG website says it was sold to the 'Coves Group, Oxford' and left Southall in 2020 with it's associated trailer. Not known whether it is in the Oxford area or the owners are just based there and moved it somewhere else. There is a bit of interesting film footage of this trolley working at Southall on the GWRPG website.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    This and 76903 are currently en route to Dollands Moor from Swindon. Anyone know why?

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