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Recent Comments

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks - updated.

  • Jim Gillies

    Jim Gillies

    Cheers for the clarification

  • Dale Wood avatar

    Dale Wood

    If my memory serves me correct , elmec purchased gator, upgraded it, hired to SPL for 1 possibly 2 shifts until they brought 108-0 , then elmec sold to NR

  • Jim Gillies

    Jim Gillies

    Did this ever Leave NR ownership

    1 Was At Elmec for upgrade only

    2 On Hire to SPL Only

    To All extents looks to be an NR Machine

    Even Carries NR Bar Code & Q Sticker

    Over to You Rodger

  • Dan Adkins

    Dan Adkins

    This machine appears to be very much not stored at Eastleigh Works anymore.

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