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  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall

    Elsewhere I have seen a comment suggesting that DRT81341 was moved to the Wensleydale Railway a few weeks ago. As yet no sightings supporting this appear to have been submitted. Anyone able to confirm either way?

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    E576RAF and E575RAF are still used, and last used at Bodmin & Wenford Railway prior to the Covid19 lockdown. The ' one in the hedge ' is no longer there, but the parts are 'probably' lying in one of the barns, so I was informed.

  • Roger Harris

    Roger Harris

    The Trollies and Trailers are still at Newton Abbot Depot, but locked in a container.

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    An agreement is now in place for this to join The Rail Trolley Trust in October.

    I will provide further details in the coming weeks.

    If anyone is interested in helping restore this to full working order, please get in contact.

  • Jonathan Flood avatar

    Jonathan Flood

    This was tested at the currently closed Elsecar Railway after its last overhaul. Pictures from the testing are on Facebook dated 15/10/19.

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