We always appreciate any donations towards these costs because the website cannot continue without contributions from those that use them. The unpaid time involved in running both websites is increasing and while we don't mind this so much at the moment, we would appreciate any financial support - however small.

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Extra features

Donating gives you access to extra features on the website, including:

Location profiles & depot directory

A comprehensive directory of (nearly) every OTM & RRV depot, engineering firm, Network Rail plant depot in the UK complete with maps, directions, photos and sightings.

Preservation lists

A directory of every major preservation site and lists of machines that can be found at each site.

RIV number lists

Most vehicles carry an "RIV" number - this section lists them all grouped by their number ranges. There is also a handy "check-digit" calculator.

Trip statistics & needs highlights

Know exactly how many vehicles you have seen/need on each trip, and highlight the vehicles you needed.

List statistics

Shows how many OTMs and RRVs you've seen/need for each category or company.