Here are some of the questions we often get asked..

Can I send you some photos for inclusion on the site?

Yes - please! The more unusual the better. Especially welcome are photos of rare machines, preserved machines, machines no longer with us, and foreign machines.

Please remember to include number, date, place, photographer name (if it's not you) and any other info you feel is of interest.

Please register or log in and use the photo upload tool. Thanks!

Can you put a link on ontrackplant.com to my website please?

No, we've removed the links section. We're not in 1999 any more.

Do you have any plans or technical specifications of a tamper so I can model one?

No. Nor any other machines.

You could try asking on the OTPgen mailing list, or some specialist modelling lists & sites.

How do I see the machines at [insert location here]?

Most major plant depots have a 'location profile' listed on this website.

Why do some numbers in the sightings/photo sections begin with a # symbol?

These machines don't carry any running numbers, so the number given is the unique build number of the machine.