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Breakdown Crane publication.

Peter Cummings

Peter Cummings

Headed our way this month:-

Railway Steam Brakedown Cranes. auth P.Tatlow. Noodle Books £30.

196pp hardback, ISBN 9781 906419 69 1.

(2nd volume to follow at some point.)


(just extracted large digit and registered at last. apologies if covered already on here).

Vince avatar

Vince Website editor

Thanks Peter, haven't seen that before. Looks like an interesting book (judging it purely by the cover :)

More info here on amazon.

Paul Bartlett avatar

Paul Bartlett

The 2nd volume is now available.

Tatlow, Peter (2013) Railway Breakdown Cranes: Volume 2 The Story of Breakdown Cranes on the Railways of Britain. Publ. Noodle Books by Kevin Robertson ISBN 13: 978190641997-4. 296 pages.

It covers the cranes introduced with relieving bogies, so apart from one for the Midland Railway most are from 1931. It goes up to include the telescopic jib cranes and conversion of steam cranes to diesel. Every type is illustrated by numerous photographs, often including colour, and scale drawings. Histories of locations and (re)numberings are provided. Notice that this is only breakdown cranes and not the smaller civil engineers cranes.

Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

Available cheaper at WHSmith online with free local store delivery.