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New bookazine on French track work companies.

Peter Cummings

Peter Cummings

(Posting this here in case some site visitors do not see the yahoo list).

Rather good new bookazine on French Trackwork companies now published. £17.50 from Platform 5 in Sheffield.

Enterprises de Traveaux Ferroviaires. David Haydock.

Le Train Extra 3


100-pages copiously illustrated in colour on the numerous companies buiding and maintaining the french railway network.

18 pages of general introduction, some 40 pages of chapters devoted to the main companies and affiliates, and another 40 or so pages on the motive power involved.

Plenty of the pics include OTP.

Excellent piece of work, text all in french but don’t let that put anyone off.

(Author is the editor of P5's Todays Railways Europe magazine, and this is his 3rd recent bookazine. Previous 2 were on freight traffic and the private freight operators in France).