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Ben Williams Editor

We're moving house soon and starting to clear some stuff out. I have quite a few copies of Rail Infrastructure from 2012 to 2014 if anyone is interested. There are about 23 issues in total.

Please email me if interested in a particular issue or the whole lot. As they weigh over 5kg I'd rather they were collected from the London area. A donation towards the website would be appreciated in return.


ashford steve avatar

ashford steve

id be happy to collect in the London area. steve. ;-)

Lerpass Mapter

Lerpass Mapter

You did well to get on the mailing list, despite over 30 years in the industry and giving info over the phone to them, I never managed to get a single copy sent to me.


Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Ok the mags are now taken.

Lerpass - don't worry. I'm fourth in line - passed on via 3 others! Sometimes by the time I read about new machines they have been mothballed ;)

Well, maybe slight exaggeration...

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